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[UPDATE : This only works for build 9841. Any newer build (Current : 9860) not applicable by below instruction.]

Without further checking, I had perform in-place upgrade of my current Win8.1 Enterprise into Windows 10 for Enterprise Technical Preview!

Windows 10 Technical Preview


But straight away my Hyper-V VM failed to turn on with error, Synthetic SCSI Controller has no permission to access. This was due to Dedup-ed volume is not accessible without first enabling Deduplication on that particular volume.

A quick browse to quickly returned the method to enable Deduplication in Windows 10! Again, big thanks to Author Johan for these files.

Download the files from OneDrive and extract with 7-zip, and run following command in PowerShell.

Right after this would be the usual command to enable Deduplication features on volume:

That’s it! Enjoy.


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