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Deploy WordPress with Azure Web Sites

There is a lot of reasons why one should deployment WordPress individually instead of accessing blog with Further strengthen the reason is that Azure Web Sites giving free hosting to startup blogger, and grow as more traffic generated over the time.

Azure Web Sites Comparison

Comparison on Azure Website Package

Video of installation

Powershell Deployment Toolkit Updated to 2.5.2502 [UPDATED]

I shall keep this short. POWERSHELL DEPLOYMENT TOOLKIT just got updated! I hope that reflects how much my excitement is for this toolkit.

Changelog to this update is simple, fix Windows Azure Pack configuration and update the direct download link(s).

For those who still yet to get to know what this toolkit does, it basically enable the full deployment of Microsoft System Center in just a few clicks, including an AD and full suite with total of 15 VMs. Well, it does done the job just a few clicks when it does work without any glitch. Excited yet?

Anyone can proceed to download it from HERE.

To give a better understanding on how this tools is roughly used to deploy System Center, I found this YouTube video below is straight forward to explain in action.

Update : Results of deploying the whole System Center Suite 2012 R2 Preview on my test lab. I have yet to have time to post a more detailed guide, but I’ll find time for it for sure.

Results of Deployment

Hyper-V Replica Reverse Replication Woes

I believe most of you tested HyperV Replica Reverse Replication. Again, there is always no issue on planned scenario. While unplanned scenario, you might notice some annoying catch. Whereby after an unplanned failover event, to re-enabled reverse replication, HyperV Replica will send a full block of VHDx across the network back to Primary Replica Server, instead of just delta changes. Surely, send a full chunks of VHDx across LAN is fine, but thinks about across the precious WAN bandwidth. It surely hurts in terms of cost and time.

So the ‘workaround’ this, HyperV Replica have a third option for initial replication, ‘use an existing virtual machine on the replica server as initial copy.’

Hyper-V Reverse replication options

This would force Hyper-V host to do a full blocks comparison on both ends and synchronize delta changes across network. Although it does work perfectly, do keep in mind that it is intense on Storage IOPS.

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