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Now, I have to be honest that among all the Microsoft System Center products, System Centre Data Protection Manager (SCDPM) is the low-activity, if not least, attention product.

What can possibly this become a problem, you ask? Limited resources to be refer to whenever something horrible happened to it and decided to be in a non-functional state, and I always have this problem eventually contact with Microsoft Support for lots more tedious process all over.

What could be nicer? Here Microsoft starting to change the way they published KnowledgeBase (KB) article, now it includes with walkthrough method on troubleshoot problem you may face. Below is one of the example of this, and it is nice to have.

Guided Walkthrough for Troubleshooting Data Protection Manager console issues

Step 1 of DPM Walkthrough

Step 2 of DPM Walkthrough

Good Job Microsoft, and hopefully more similar KB to come and much stable product on vNEXT.


Via : WindowsITPro


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